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There’s certainly never a dull moment at eNg Designs & Construction. As the movers and shakers in the custom home builder world, we always have a fantastic project going. So, with a peek inside our world, you can get a glimpse into your future as our client and see how we get things done. Are you gearing up to get started on achieving your own custom home dreams? We warmly welcome you to view our latest work in progress: the Albany House build.

See Albany’s house video here.

Our Team Never Lets the Rain Get Us Down

In the construction world, “Rain, rain, go away,” is the mantra of choice – and not just so we can go out and play either. When the rain comes, it can seriously derail the project, which is why we strategically plan every step. With that approach, our contractors can keep the custom home build moving forward day after day.

At the Albany House, our team diligently works on transforming the interior space while the rain clouds hang overhead. The beautiful brickwork framing the garage hints at what’s to come, although it’s not going to get finished until the next dry day. Once the rain finally stops, our contractors will come back out to complete this key focal point at the front of the house.

Custom Features Make the World Go ‘Round

As your premier custom home builders in Hammond LA, we’re well known for infusing every space with custom features galore. The Albany House is a great example of that with its stately arch separating the kitchen and living room spaces. This stunning accent instantly captures the eye with its red weathered bricks from Brick and Block offset by an ivory buff mortar.

Other notable features in our build include:

  • Built-in tile shower bench and niches
  • Premium organizer system in walk-in closets
  • Sunburst window above the exterior doorway

Although they might seem like small touches, all these delightful accents add up to create a living space the proud new owners are sure to love for years to come.

A Personalized Color Palette Elevates the Space

A personalized color palette adds immense character to every house, so we always make it a top priority. For our Albany House build, we decided to go with ivory cream tones on the main walls to add warmth and more than a hint of coziness. Then, we used ivory marble for the floor in the master bath to play up that theme even more.

Although warm hues differ from currently trending color schemes, the ivory looks phenomenal when paired with bright, cool whites for the trim. Plus, the warmth sets the stage for the espresso cabinetry to stand out beautifully.

In the bathroom, we deviated from that formula to cool things down a bit and highlight its water room presence. The walls come in a light powder blue, which pairs well with the distressed white subway tile in the shower. Dark blue tiles highlight the shower niches and add to the drama created by the patterned floor tiles.

More to Come from eNg Designs & Construction

When it comes to custom homes, we never leave any stone unturned. Our crew goes all out to perfect everything, from the structure to the finishing touches. We never let the rain get us down either. Whenever we can keep the project going, we’re going to do just that. Our team wants to finish every last step by the deadline, so we can get our valued clients into their dream homes without delay.

If you’d like to go on this journey with eNg Designs & Construction by your side, we welcome you to reach out any time to chat with our team. We’d love to hear about your vision and help you start down that path with a look at possible plans for custom homes. So, please fill out our online form at your convenience or simply give us a call at (985) 662-5394.