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Are you looking for the right moment to build your custom home? If so, now is a great time to do that. All the signs are here, urging you to move and make your dream home a reality.

Ready to learn more about those signs? Here’s why it’s high time to have us start your home project ASAP.

Strike While the Iron is Hot

You’ve saved your funds, envisioned your desired results, and already dreamed about your big move. So, why not strike while the iron is hot instead of trying to predict the future?

You know that you’re ready and can easily see what you’re up against at this moment in time. All that’s left to do is hit the ground running and kick off your project with help from our custom home builders in Hammond, LA.

Get Reasonable Interest Rates

While it’s true that interest rates have gone up, that doesn’t mean you have to put off your custom home dreams.

In the grand scheme of things, current mortgage loan interest rates are still reasonable. The historically low drop during COVID times just skewed perceptions, but it was never meant to last.

Although it’s frustrating to miss out on those ultra-low rates, building a custom home that matches your vision is still possible. You just need to dial in your build to best match your budget.

And our team at eNg Designs & Construction is here to help.

Avoid Long Lag Times

Long lag times on materials have been the game’s name in the past few years. Build times for custom homes have been extended, causing difficulties for clients already eager to move.

Fortunately, the building material industry has started stabilizing. Production delays, staffing shortages, and other challenges have begun to go by the wayside. Materials are showing up on time and in the right quantities, allowing us to build homes faster, much to the delight of our clients.

Establish a Great Partnership

Time to Build Your Custom Home | eNg Designs & Construction. eNg building the Hoopers their dream home in Loranger.It’s always a wonderful time to establish a solid partnership with the eNg Designs & Construction team. We’re here to learn about your vision of your perfect home and help you realize it step-by-step.

Through our commitment to custom work, we’ll help you find the right floor plan and then personalize the space to suit your needs. Our team will even help complete the finishing touches before you move into your brand-new home.

Stay Connected with BuilderTrend

Thanks to technology constantly moving forward, we now have a fantastic way to keep you in the loop through every stage of home building: BuilderTrend.

With this innovative platform at our fingertips, we can share key info about the project. This way, you can stay 100% involved from start to finish.

Everyone can now stay on the same page through this high-tech approach, ensuring your project goes as planned. The seamless experience also takes the stress out of the equation, letting you enjoy the ride.

Move Your Story Forward

You laid all the groundwork so that your custom home comes to life. As a reward for your diligence, choose now as the perfect time to move your story forward.

By doing that, you can stop spinning your wheels and dreaming of a better future. You’ll finally see the results of your hard work come to fruition and enjoy the spoils for the coming years to come.

Want to Get Started? Contact the Best Custom Home Builders in Hammond, LA

Our team at eNg Designs & Construction looks forward to helping you move toward the completion of your ideal custom home build.

We’re always ready to help you take the first steps—and we’ll remain by your side until you cross the finish line.

To get started, just give us a call at (985) 662-5394 or fill out this online form today!