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It’s been a crazy, crazy time in Southeast Louisiana for the past couple of weeks. Fallen trees, flooding, and power outages have been a weekly struggle since Hurricane Ida. Our offices flooded too! Folks, we’re right there with you.

Image of fallen tree on home in Southeast Louisiana after hurricane Ida in 2021Since the big storm, my buddy Joe Mier and I have posted all kinds of helpful info on social media about recovering from storm damage, dealing with insurance adjusters, and home repairs. Let me just say his information is on point!

Here are some of the things Joe and I want you to know about managing household storm damage.

How To Perform Home Assessments Post-Storm

First things first: when your adjuster comes out for the first time, remember that you do NOT have to agree with their initial quote! In fact, the first adjustor usually just looks for exterior or visible damages. Be ready to show your adjusters some pictures or videos of what is going on at your property. Keep a running list of damages, effects, and repair needs, and have plenty of evidence to prove it.

Image of inside a southeast louisiana home that had damage due to a fallen tree where the roof, ceiling, beams, etc. came crashing down in kitchen due to hurricaneIf you have any issues with fallen trees or tree branches, have an engineer or contractor check for structural damage within joining rafters. Do not allow the adjuster to only quote for roof penetration. If the damage is severe, you may need to have sheetrock removed, as well as flooring and subflooring. Be sure to talk to your adjuster about all this and complete home assessments as an ace in the hole.

On a side note, it’s best to have a licensed and insured contractor review any insurance paperwork with you, just to be safe. Check for any red flags or catchphrases, and if anything seems off, cheap, or just plain fishy, your custom home builders will be able to help.

I highly recommend contacting a contractor who will stay with you while the adjuster walks through your property. Not only will this protect you against low-ball offers, but it will take the pressure off your shoulders. And really, who wouldn’t want that?

General Tips For Choosing A Home Repairs Contractor

According to our very own Tangipahoa Government, here are some helpful tips for picking the right local contractor.

It’s imperative to do your research before giving anyone a call. Gather information about your needs and the contractor’s specialties, as well as any stipulations you have in picking a particular company. Check reviews thoroughly, and ask for references. Be sure to ask people in your circle about their home contractor choices!

Image of inside kitchen that had damage to roof due to fallen tree during hurricane IdaShop around with the best contractors, and get three quotes to compare. Remember that cost isn’t the only variable! Consider quality, speed, and coverage areas as well.

Don’t let yourself be pushed into choosing a contractor just because of their terminology or high-pressure sales pitch. Get your contract in writing, ask for a payment schedule, and above all, never pay upfront!

Finally, be sure to hire a contractor who is licensed and insured. Your contractor of choice should be able to offer you all necessary building permits for repairs, including TPG Emergency Storm Repair Permits. Chat with your contractor about the specifics of your situation.

If you’re looking for a Tangipahoa contractor specializing in home repairs, eNg Designs & Construction (that’s me!) may be the best choice for you.

eNg Designs & Construction Offers Competent Home Repairs

inside home kitchen that has been gutted due to damage incurred during hurricane IdaFor honest, compassionate, and caring home assessments, the professionals at eNg Designs & Construction are prepared to manage the worst of your storm damages.

We base our services, estimates, and quotes on 100% transparency. We charge a one-time fee for home assessments that provide incredibly accurate quotes, as well as peace of mind while your adjustor walks through your home and property.

Call our office to contact one of our pros right away (shout-out to Jordin for being awesome). We’ll put you down on the calendar as soon as possible.

I know it’s overwhelming, but try to take a deep breath. You WILL get through this, no matter how impossible it may feel in the moment. Drop us a line, and we’ll be in touch pronto. Talk soon!

 Photo Credits: Joe Mier