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We talk a lot about custom home interiors here at eNg Designs & Construction, but today I want to hand things over to the king of outdoor space!

Kevin Masuseth at House Plan Zone is one of the most talented designers I know and one of the best planners of outdoor spaces, hands down. I recently picked his brain about things homeowners should know while designing their custom home outdoor space, and his advice couldn’t be more poignant. Without further ado, Kevin, take it away!

Kevin Mauseth’s Secrets Of Outdoor Planning

Here are my thoughts on considering outdoor space as it relates to your family, entertainment preferences, and lifestyle.  

1) Where Are Your Views?

It’s important to maximize the views on your lot. Whether it comes from rivers or lakes, mountains, trees, or simply a nice landscape, consider the views you have and how they will be viewed from windows and your front and rear porch.

2) What Are Your Goals?

For example, knowing the answers to a few questions may help you get there.  Things to consider: What are your most important custom home values? Private family space? Extended living space? What about rooms for larger gatherings? Keep in mind how all of these things will connect and interact with one another. Connectivity is key for kitchens and great room areas for most of us.  

3) Do You Need An Outdoor Kitchen?

If you plan on having company over often, it may be wise to invest in an outdoor kitchen space. Not only does it make entertainment a snap, but it can help accommodate large family gatherings. Plus, you don’t have to heat your house on those hot summer evenings!

4) What About Other Features?

Many custom home builders prefer to invest in proprieties with outdoor fireplaces, external TVs, and screened porches. All of these are incredibly important for the functionality of your outdoor space. While it’s great for investment purposes, it also gives a great return on the enjoyment factor of your home. Who doesn’t love features?

5) What’s Beyond The Porch? 

Plan for extras beyond the porch, including pools and hot tubs. Invest in a built-in storage room for unsightly pool toys and maintenance supplies, an accessible half bath for use from outside, firewood storage for a firepit, etc. It will enhance the overall design and make everything feel like it has a place. No afterthoughts here!

6) Where Do You Want The Master Bedroom?

closeup view of wooden dining table in outdoor space near bedroom french doors and LSU sign hanging on outside wallThe location of the primary bedroom suite is much more important than most people realize. Many homeowners opt to place their room on the very front or very rear of the property. When making this decision, Keep quality of life in mind. This includes privacy, noise, garage space, and views. 

7) Do You Want Direct Access To A Bedroom Porch?

Installing a bedroom porch directly adjacent to the master bedroom provides a space to unwind, relax, and decompress. This could be a good escape after a long day or a good hideout from the pool yard full of teenagers your kids have invited over!

8) Is It Built For Two?

Will you be living in the home on your own, or will you have on-site family or in-laws? Consider having separate outdoor spaces to accommodate individual needs. One big porch may not be best.

covered outdoor space of custom built home by eNg Designs & Construction in Hammond La

9) What Do You Think About Covered vs. Uncovered Space?

Shady screened porches can be charming, but sometimes you just need some vitamin D. Porches on both sides of the house can help with flexibility throughout the day. Bear in mind that your home’s orientation may impact the outdoor space. The sun comes up and sets in the same direction – are your porches directly in line with that or not?  That will affect how much sun they get and at what times during the day.

eNg Designs & Construction Specializes In Outdoor Spaces

Whether you’re looking to remodel your home or design one from scratch, eNg Designs & Construction has everything you need to create breathtaking outdoor spaces. Contact us today to book a consultation. Talk soon!