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Oh my word, it’s the holiday season already! Some days it feels like Christmas just came yesterday, and other days it feels like it can’t come soon enough! But let’s face it: I’m always ready for a little holiday cheer, and this year is shaping up to be one of the most necessary ones ever! Decorating for the holidays is definitely one of the best parts about the season, but there is so much more to it than that. Here are my top ten tips for getting your custom home ready for the holidays (without breaking a sweat)!

Don’t try to overdo things

Start by decorating some focal points that you know you can handle, especially those that are eye-catching sites for visitors. The front porch, entryway or foyer, kitchen, living room, mantle, bathrooms, and staircases are all great starting points in the custom home.

Pick a color palette — stat

Remember: holiday colors do not have to be red and green. You can go neutral with natural green! But again, Don’t overdo it. If you like glitz and glam, especially this time of year, go for it! Just make sure to have a color palette to help keep balance, and that it’s okay to pull the reins back before going too far.

Holiday Scents

Our senses bring back great memories of childhood holiday celebrations. Re-create those moments in your custom home with light scents like balsam & cedar or Cranberry, Pomegranate, and Cinnamon. Keep the same scent throughout the whole house with stove top scents or yummy homemade candles from your local gift shop. And while your home is a reflection of you and your tastes, I always recommend keeping others in mind when choosing the right Holiday scent. Certain smells can be to overpowering working against the atmosphere that you want to create for your guests.

Use That Custom Fireplace

Prep your fireplace for some holiday wood burning goodness! The mantle is a main decoration focal point, but so is the roaring fire below! I love cozying up with my kids and husband next to our wood burning fireplace. The crackle of the fire and the rustle of a warm blanket get me every time. And safety first, if you plan to use your fireplace this Holiday season like me, keep in mind how the stockings and trimmings are hung.

Ah, the Christmas tree 

Picking one is a reminder that another year has passed. Whether your choice is real or artificial, is completely up to you. Soft white lights on a full tree are my must haves when it comes to our Christmas tree. Our tree holds lots of ornaments from places we traveled to over the years. It’s a tradition that we find a new ornament every place we go, bringing back sweet memories. My kids just love remembering all the places we have gone to over the years, and the story behind every ornament. It’s never too late to add this to your family list of traditions!


Nothing screams ‘holidays’ more than having your family in a new custom home surrounded by yummy food. If you’re anything like me, hosting the holidays at my house is a dream come true. Get the house prepped for guests and overnight visitors, and spruce up the guest rooms. Don’t be afraid to leave a tiny personalized gift on their pillow too!

Holiday cooking

Oh boy, this is a big one! I love having everyone around my kitchen island and dining room table for the Holiday feast. Get some cookies baking and some tummies rumbling. Preparing an amazing feast yourself or calling out for local catering, it’s up to you! Either way, following a tradition or theme is my best advice when it comes to the cooking.

Setting The Table 

Freshen up your dining room with the classic holiday colors: silver and gold.  Plates, glasses, serving-ware set with a touch of sparkle. I like to keep the decor minimal leaving my guests with enough room to get comfortable. Your guests will be enchanted by your good taste, but they’ll love the great flavors of your food, too!

Holiday Decor

Holiday decorating should be inside and outside!  Add lights to bushes, trees, and railings adorned with natural pine. The front door is the starting point of your Holiday atmosphere inside so be sure not to forget the holiday wreath! This also means every room can have a touch of the Holidays, including that custom walk-in closet you have been dying to show off. Be creative!

Do what makes you happy

Whatever your Holiday decorating taste may be, at the end of the day it has to make you happy. When I decorate my home for the Holiday festivities, I keep in mind what is going to work best to give it a relaxing feel to allow us to be able to slow down in this busy time of year and enjoy our home and each other. Take time just to enjoy living the dream. This makes building each custom home so rewarding for me. After all, my dreams are complete in my home. I want to make yours complete, too!

From all of us here at eNg Designs and Construction, we hope you have the best holiday season ever!