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The Trendiest Custom Designs And Decor Trends For The New Year.

It’s that time of year again, guys! 2021 is just around the corner, and you know what that means? Fun, affordable, and exciting new decor trends that are just begging to be added to your new years’ home. I’ll be honest when I say that there is just so much to choose from, and not enough space to write about everything I want. So I sat down, made up my mind, and found three of the trendy-but-chic styles I’d want to include in every one of my new custom homes. So let’s take a look!

1. Gray

Oh. My. Goodness. Can we take a moment to appreciate just how amazing the color gray is? Gray is all the rage this year, and for good reason. It’s the perfect color for popping out accent walls, mellowing out the home, and just generally scattering  good vibes.

You could use gray tones to freshen up your home this year by:

  • Adding a little French gray colored paint to dining rooms, kitchens, and living areas.
  • Moving in on neutral or honey-toned furniture items to make your gray color patterns pop (yes please)!
  • Adding area rugs, backsplashes, or curtains that gray-out your rooms with neutral tones.

2. Wood

One of my favorite trends ever is in using varying textures and natural elements in home design. Fitting wood into the picture is definitely a must-have on your list of 2021 decor trends, and it’s not one you should sit out on! Wooden furniture items, especially lighter toned pieces such as oak and birch, are positively gorgeous when combined with open spaces and bright, airy rooms. Smaller wooden decor items, especially post-modern or country-chic flavored, are some of my personal favorites. Which brings me to my final fave of the year:

3. Windows

They’re back, and they’re bigger than ever! Adding more windows in your home is an absolute must for 2021. Install big windows, break down walls, and enjoy the feeling of fresh sunlight in the house!

Designing Custom Homes For 2021

All this talk of 2021 trends and decor updates got you stirred up? Me too! I love designing custom homes for my clients, and building properties that deliver all the latest trends in ways people simply adore.

At eNg Designs & Construction, we make it our business to serve you well. Our goal is to help you buy quality-built custom homes made to fit every expectation, budget, and time frame. We love making custom home design completely seamless, and provide an online management portal that keeps building transactions 100% transparent for everyone involved. Any plan you bring to us is 100% customizable, meaning that your home’s custom design is virtually right around the corner. Give me a call today to chat about your upcoming project, or just to talk about 2021 decor trends (because trust me, I would love to gush about that)!