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Are you searching high and low for your perfect home and coming up empty-handed every time? If so, a custom home might be the answer to your problems. By building your home from scratch, you get to choose its location, layout, and features – and we’re here to help.

At eNg Designs & Construction, we proudly serve as your guiding light through the custom home-building process. Our team can help take your dream home from vision to reality while keeping the experience transparent, low-stress, and wholly enjoyable.

To help you start your journey, here’s a look at all you need to know about building custom homes.

Why Choose Custom Home Builders

Partnering with our custom home builders in Hammond LA is a great choice if you want the absolute best experience around. We strive to eliminate confusion, doubts, and worries by providing our full support always.

From day one, our talented team will break down the process from start to finish to help you move through every step with ease. So, you never have to guess what to do next or what to expect through each phase of the project.

In fact, we’ll keep you well-informed through the BuilderTrend system, so you can watch in awe as the work gets done. Our efficient workflows help us meet key deadlines while our excellent oversight ensures the results meet your expectations.

Through it all, you’ll get the guidance and insights you need to enjoy the home-building journey to the fullest. And before you know it, your custom home will be move-in ready, giving you the green light to enjoy the first day of the rest of your life.

Best Way to Navigate the Building Process

With our custom home-building services on your side, you’ll move through all the following steps to bring your dream home to life.

1. Define Your Ideal Budget

A well-defined budget helps guide all your custom home-building decisions, so it’s definitely the first step. Unlike a traditional home purchase, there are many different pieces of the puzzle to factor into your budget.
You will need to think about the total cost of the:

  • Property
  • Custom home plans
  • Building materials
  • Construction labor
  • Landscaping
  • Interior decorating

As your custom home builder, we can help you figure out what costs to expect. Just share your vision with our team and we’ll start crunching the numbers on your behalf. If needed, you can then make changes to your plans to bring your project into your ideal budget range.

2. Choose the Perfect Plans and Location

With your budget in mind, you can start looking for a lot to buy for your dream home build. You may want to find your preferred home plans first though, so you know just what to look for in a property.

From there, you’ll want to decide:

  • The minimum size of the lot for your home
  • How close you’d like to live to your nearest neighbors
  • If you’d like a view of the waterfront, trees, or cityscape
  • The ideal slope of the land and other key characteristics
  • The direction of the property for the best natural light

Then, start searching for a property that meets your expectations and aligns with your budget. Don’t forget to have our custom home builders review the property before you put in your offer. We’ll help ensure that the land meets your zoning, utility, and other requirements.

3. Design Your Dream Home

Upon selecting your lot, it’s time to start designing your dream home from the ground up. You’ll want to start by selecting your base house plans and then building upon that design to make it all your own.

We work with both House Plan Zone and Madden Home Design to give you plenty of excellent options to consider. From French Quarter Houses to Ridge Crest Plans, our partners have a little something for everyone.

Plus, we’re happy to alter the layout any way you wish to ensure it works for your needs. Want to add a sunroom to the back of the house? Our team can make that happen. Prefer a master bath designed as a full wet room? We can do that, too.

The sky is the limit in how you design your home. You’ll get to decide which features and finishes to add throughout, so you’re sure to love the results. You can even have our team handle the interior decorating to ensure your home is 100% ready for you to enjoy at move-in.

4. Follow the Building Process

After finalizing your plans, our team will create the project timeline and help you understand what to expect through every stage. You can then follow our progress through BuilderTrend to watch as your dream home comes to life. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, just let us know and we’ll be happy to address them in full.

As we near the completion of your home, we’ll let you know when it’s time to start packing up and getting ready to move. The excitement will build from there, ensuring you’re more than ready to get your keys and start enjoying your dream home.

If you’re ready to start this journey, all that’s left to do is get in touch with our team at eNg Designs & Construction. You can find us with a call to (985) 662-5394 or by filling out our online form at your convenience.

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