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As your trusted custom home builders, we always go above and beyond to let you know what to expect. We carefully plan out each phase of the project, so you can see your vision come to life by the deadline. 

Despite our best efforts, things do not always go according to plan. Most often, these bumps in the road arise due to unexpected lag times and material delays. And although they’re largely unpredictable, we still do all we can to reduce their impact on your project. 

What are Lag Times?

first stages of new custom home build..being framed with 2x4's and contracting paperLag times represent the time between one construction task ending and another starting. For example, when painting a room, there’s usually a lag time of one day between applying coats of primer and paint.

Most lag times are naturally built into the construction deadline during the planning phase. If unexpected problems arise, additional lag times could occur and extend the timeline for your new construction project.

Current Reality of Material Delays

Material delays have the potential to extend your new construction timeframe as well. Ongoing supply chain issues result in lengthy backorders and overall extended delivery times—and they’re not likely to end anytime soon. 

Although we source all our materials from the United States, we’re not immune from the current reality of material delays. Even transporting items from one corner of the nation to another can cause extra wait time.

How eNg Keeps New Construction Projects Moving Forward

inside image of new construction home build of brick fireplace and custom wooden cabinets and shelves on each side in living areaAlthough we’re not directly responsible for lag times and shipping delays, we are responsible for your satisfaction throughout the home building process. We want you to not only end up with your dream home but also feel like the construction process exceeded your expectations. 

To do that, we go all out in using the following tactics to reduce the impact of lag times and shipping delays on your project.

Beautiful Dream Home Design Leads the Way

All the magic starts with the creation of your beautiful dream home design. By working out all the details from the start, we’re often able to minimize delays. After all, a great plan is everything, especially if you want custom materials.

Contingencies Written into the Contract

Our contracts start at 12 months to allow for the full completion of every phase of the project. When custom materials enter the mix, as they often do, the new construction timeline gets extended right upfront. That way, you know just what to expect from day one.

Anticipation of Potential Weather Delays

While we cannot always accurately predict just what the weather will do, we try to keep up our wild Louisiana conditions in mind while planning out each project. With that move, we leave wiggle room in the schedule for rainy days, storms, and even hurricanes.

Upfront Payment Collection to Shrink Lag Times

new custom brick home build in processCollecting payments upfront allows us to shrink lag times by getting every contractor on the schedule ahead of time, which we do specifically for change orders and/or add ons. We are then able to move from one stage of the project to the next without unnecessary delays.

Complete Transparency for All Our Clients

When you know what to expect, the new construction process simply goes that much smoother. 

For that reason, we aim to stay 100% transparent always with our clients. You’ll get regular updates as the project moves through each stage. This allows your anticipation to build as the final result comes into focus.

At any point in your project, if you have questions, please let us know. We’ll address all your questions and concerns in full, so you can feel good about your new construction build.

Ready to Build Your Dream Home?

We’d love to hear all about your dream home build. Feel free to call 985-662-5394 or fill out our online form to speak with our team at eNg Designs & Construction. 

As your premier custom home builders in Hammond, LA., we know just what it takes to bring your vision to life. We’ll help you figure out all the details and get a plan in place. 

Before you know it, you’ll be watching in awe as your new construction project starts.