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As somebody who builds homes for a living, hurricane season is no joke. When you live here in the Northshore region in Hammond, LA, it’s nothing to take lightly.

As you know from living here in Southern Louisiana, hurricanes happen at a moment’s notice. If you’re not careful, residents in Hammond, LA, and surrounding areas, might be caught unaware of severe weather and its effects. The National Weather Service is expecting some pretty big storms this year, and I don’t know about you, but I’d hate to be caught off guard by one of those.

I’ve lived on the Northshore, for a long time, and let me tell you: I’ve seen a LOT of hurricanes. Having a hurricane prep list helps ease a seriously tense situation. So strap in, folks! Let’s talk about some freak weather and what you can do to prepare for it.

Hurricane Prep List — 5 Basic Things

Everyone who lives in Hammond, LA, and surrounding areas, should have these five basic prep steps down! If you don’t, step up and ‘git er done,’ y’all! It’s worth every penny.

1. Inspect Windows & Doors

As a homeowner, the last thing you want is water seeping through unsealed windows and doors. Now is the time to inspect all your entry points. If something does need changing, consider using impact windows for an extra layer of protection during storms.

2. Trim Tree Branches

Don’t let your beautiful home be crushed by tree branches this hurricane season. A good rule of thumb is to trim all tree branches within 10 feet of your home. Doing so will prevent debris from hitting your roof and windows, causing significant damage.

3. Elevate Electrical Panels Above Flood Levels

We all know that flooding in our area is inevitable. When building a new home, consider elevating electrical panels above flood levels or even moving them if you can. FEMA suggests that all electrical system components be raised at least one foot above the 100-year flood level. Taking this preparation step will save you a lot during a bad storm!

4. Evaluate & Fix Your Roof

Leaving a damaged roof unattended will result in leaks and collapses during destructive hurricanes. Yearly roof evaluations and keeping up with insurance and warranties are musts for our storm-prone area.

5. Think About Your Family

Think about what your family might need after a hurricane event. The lights might be out, someone might get injured, or you might not be able to leave the house for a while. What should you pack?

  • Keep extra candles, flashlights, and batteries in the house at all times.
  • Have a family plan for where to meet and gather.
  • Get all your documents in order.
  • Buy extra food and water.

If you’ve got pets at home, consider how you might need to help them navigate a hurricane-sized event. It’s always a good idea to keep extra pet food on hand, just in case. Make sure they have plenty of water, too!

The folks at The Emergency Preparedness Department at Tangipahoa Parish Government have many resources to help you build a kit, sign up for emergency alerts, and more. Go check them out!

eNg Designs & Construction Cares (Really!)

I know this is different from the blog posts I usually write, but I feel it’s essential for y’all to be prepared before a hurricane hits. As you’ve probably guessed, eNg Designs & Construction is not like other custom home design companies (seriously, how many home builders in Hammond, LA are going to give you a hurricane prep list)? At eNg, our clients are more like family, and family looks out for one another!

If you’ve got more hurricane questions, why don’t you drop by or give us a ring sometime? We’re always happy to help, seriously! eNg Designs & Construction proudly serves Hammond, LA, Ponchatoula, LA, and the surrounding Northshore LA areas.