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Y’all know I love to talk about all things home builder, from lighting styles to custom floor plans to everything in between. But what can I say, it’s basically a professional hazard. Sorry, not sorry!

As much as I adore all that stuff, today I want to talk a little about an awesome project that put all of my passions into practice. It allowed me to team up with the most selfless home building vendors in Hammond LA., and bless so many people along the way! It’s called The Sunflower Project.

The eNg Designs & Construction Sunflower Project

The Sunflower Project is a community based project we’ve worked hard on with some amazing painters, sub contractors, and local businesses in the Hammond LA. area.  Also called the Building Hope project, our goal at eNg was to help a neighbor in need create a beautiful, desirable, custom-finished home for an incredible member of the Hammond community. Miss Marcy, we’re looking at you!

From the very first time we met, I knew Marcy was a special lady. She and I just clicked, and I felt my heart really be directed towards serving her. She purchased her first home, but had some major needs and I just knew we had to do something. I felt this huge calling to come alongside her and put to use the gifts, talents, and time our community has to offer. So I got to work!

Less than 24 hours after her needs were made known, some of the best home builders and contractors I know had dedicated themselves to helping Marcy finish her new home. And when I say best, I mean the best. These are some seriously talented people. None of this would have been possible without the passionate efforts of the current subcontractors that we work with. It would be impossible to have done this without the relationship that we currently have with them all. They are, in no particular order:

Thank you guys again for the amazing work you put into Marcy’s new home. You all are amazing and I am honored to work and serve our community with you!

Today, Marcy’s new home is looking fabulous, and I can’t wait to watch her decorate and design the place to her heart’s content. That is something really special to see, especially for a professional designer and home builder like me!

How We’ve Committed To Giving Back To Hammond LA.

Marcy might have a new home, but make no mistake it doesn’t stop there! Hammond LA. has so many meaningful people who deserve a helping hand, and we at eNg Designs & Construction want to make the magic happen for more deserving community members. Building hope in our community through efforts like the Sunflower Project is an initiative that’s here to stay, no matter what kind of obstacles may come up along the way.

Do you know someone in the community that could use a helping hand? Let us know! We want to be aware of what’s going on in our community, and we want to make an effort to touch the lives of those around us in any way possible.

Watch Marcy’s Heartwarming Homecoming

Photos Of The Journey of The “Tiny House”